replica gucci bags always start with a group of sofas. What should an imaginary be like?

People always start with a group of replica gucci bags. What should an imaginary be like? Therefore, the sofa is the origin of a home.

And we believe that the sofa is inspired by these life-filled homes. In the end, let us take a new combination as a interpretation of urban life.

When the third season of the  replica gucci bags season was officially launched, Qumei Home decided to give the living room a little color this summer, so that all the family members could “sit and enjoy” different fashions. On August 3, 2018, in line with this original intention, “New Music, New Fashion,” Qumei Home, the National Sofa Season and Fashion Sofa New Product Launch Conference, to see fashion, watch life, sit on the sofa…not to say that Qumei Home is Everyone presents a 2018 fashion life show, it is better to say that Qumei Home is asking the future, “Please answer! What should life look like?”

replica gucci bags
replica gucci bags

As we all know,   replica gucci bags is too important for us. It represents leisure, socializing, the soul of the family living space, and the epitome of the home. Qumei Home, through a big show, let everyone see that a brand focuses on the level of living room culture, trying to present different aspects of life in a more vivid way, while also providing the public with more possibilities for lifestyle choices Sex.

This point, we also got affirmation from the remarks of Zhao Ruihai, the chairman of Qumei Home Group. At the launching ceremony, he emphasized Qumei’s determination to go all the way in the big issue of “Essence of Chinese Life”. He said: “Qumei has been developing and innovating in the past 30 years. It is also a kind of energy savings. Today, we have enough energy to explore new fields, we must focus on innovation and Continuous high quality, create effective systems, strengthen the ability to inherit culture, enhance the willingness to share information and the value of the young generation of young talents. Therefore, this sofa season chooses to cooperate with the design of the talented Hu Shiguang teacher, which is also the Qumei home. An open mind, a more open platform, and a new mode of dialogue with lifestyle; on the other hand, the current ‘fashion’ becomes an abused word, mentioning it from the perspective of Qumei Home When creating it, it should be purely true. Qumei Home hopes that the ‘fashion’ in everyone’s life is more expressive, appealing, and communicative, and builds a better connection with the public. This is also the life of Qumei Home. Vision!”

The important part of the whole launching ceremony was the official appearance of the sofa series that the two sides cooperated after the signing of Hu Shiguang. Of course, the opening is still Hu Shiguang’s masterpiece – “Fashion Show” introduces everyone into his sofa design concept. The aesthetic design thinking from the fashion trend is a deep inspirational collision with Qumei Home’s life aesthetics in the home industry for more than 30 years, allowing fashion culture and home culture to blend together to create a more aesthetically conscious modern home environment. .

As the fencing person of this fashion show, Hu Sheguang broke the opportunity of cooperation with Qumei. “Apparel design is to wear clothes, sofa design is to wear clothes for furniture. There is a certain commonality between the two. Qumei has always insisted on original design, advocated design aesthetics, and also paid great attention to low-carbon environmental protection. These are the foundations that have contributed to our cooperation.” In addition, Hu Sheguang also mentioned that no matter how big or small the living room is, how many kinds of sofa combination skills people have, but they still feel that they lack a personality, he hopes to pass the fashion gene. Incorporating into the sofa design, the living room can be richer and more delicate.

On the one hand, it is the bold “taste of new” in the cross-border design field of the home furnishing industry. On the other hand, it is the replica gucci bags who is making great achievements in the home furnishing field of the home furnishing industry. The opening ceremony of the national sofa season of Qumei Home is attempting to make people rich, affectionate and tasteful by design. Therefore, the ubiquitous “slip corner” of the event highlights the ingenuity of this season’s sofa festival, treating the sofa as a life character, presenting different experiences and sentiments; clothing made of sofa fabric, telling everyone present. Although the world is getting faster and faster, the essence of design and manufacturing has not changed. The series of “Gaoding Wedding”, which Hu Shiguang has created, is also to let everyone see the soft beauty in life.  replica gucci bags used a launching ceremony to express “we don’t try to change anyone with design, but we have been using design to create intimate connections with life and create the beautiful appeal of life!”

replica gucci bags Home Furnishing Sofa Season has been fully launched! By then, the “Fashion Life Show” will enter 100 cities! Not only that, Hu Shiguang’s 2018 new fashion series 20 sofas and limited edition Gaoding wedding dresses will also be officially unveiled in Qumei home stores around the world, and launched the “buy home to send high-definition wedding dress” this heavy activity, An unprecedented marketing drama is about to be staged! Choosing a group of sofas is like choosing a lifestyle to come to Qumei Home Store and take home the life you are most looking forward to!

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